"One of my favorite Chinese/Asian restaurants of all time. Usually do take out and bring it home. Lunch specials are great though, ton of food and well worth it. Sushi is bomb. Chinese food is also amazing too. Definitely a great south side treat."

"Their hibachi is some of the best around!!"


"Every visit is fun and delicious! My family always loves the hibachi - the food is always top quality. Highly recommended!"

"The staff was friendly and the food was awesome. Will definitely be back."

"The food is excellent and the waitress was very courteous. My friends and I had a great time."


"I absolutely love this restaurant. The hibachi grill is my all time favorite and the drunks are always on point. Food was amazing and I had lots left over for the next day."

"We are fortunate to live within delivery and are spoiled by their consistently fresh and delicious food."